Padgett DVD
Chris Padgett

Padgett DVD

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Padgett is 75 minutes Chris Padgett goodness... and madness! 

  • Matthew 14: Chris shares a personal message about Scripture and Matthew 14 (7 minutes)
  • 2 Peter 1: Chris talks about Christ's forgiveness and victory over sin (5 minutes)
  • Artist Spotlight: Chris is passionate about his relationship with Jesus Christ. For almost two decades, this husband and father of nine has communicated his love for the Lord with hundreds of thousands of teens and adults through speaking, writing, and music. In this interview, Chris talks about walking intimately with Jesus, the daily choices we have to follow God (or not), and what it truly means to love and be alive. (7 minutes)
  • I'm in Love: In this music video from a track on his Impact CD, Chris communicates that true and lasting love can only be found in and through the person of Jesus Christ (4 minutes)
  • Running Mate Reel: In this collection of seven promotional spots, Chris (Jesus' self-proclaimed running mate) offers a variety of compelling arguments for his candidacy and invites you to be a running mate, too (10 minutes)
  • The Faith Show: On this episode of The Faith Show, host Bob Rice and his guests, Don Steven Tinkaboutit and Cupid, talk about SEX. What does this have to do with Chris Padgett? Watch and find out (12 minutes)
  • Padgett for President 2012: After a successful presidential running mate campaign in 2008, Chris decides to run for President of the United States and presents some pretty compelling reasons to throw caution to the wind and vote for him in 2012 (10 minutes)
  • On Fire with The Holy Spirit: Through his outrageous humor, incomparable intellect, and stunning good looks, Chris shares some theological and practical insights about the mysterious third person of the Holy Trinity (4 minutes)
  • On Marriage: Chris offers some thoughts about the Sacrament of Marriage and a few jokes, too (6 minutes) 
  • Padgett for President 2016: Chris is determined and desperate to move his amazing collection of books to the Oval Office. His defeat during the election of 2012 has given him a new vigor to ride the victorious unicorn on the streets of Washington, D.C. He would also like to apologize in advance for any damage this campaign video will inevitably cause your personal psyche (4 minutes)

Padgett is a 2015 outside da box production.